Jun 8, 2011


So i haven't posted videos on here before but a friend from Hawaii sent us a video today. Let me give you a little background on what's going on here. This was our last week in Hawaii. My parents came down to visit and some friends from my martial arts class took us out. One of the students plays in a band at Jimmy buffets and our tradition was going out to eat and then dancing at buffets to hear mark play.

This video was our last night out with them at buffets. My parents are dancing on the floor with some of the other students (who are around my parents age). One thing I will always remember my dad as is a dancer. It's so entertaining. I love that he just doesn't care and he pulls the best moves. You'll see him as the guy who starts out clapping as he's determining what move to pull next.

THE BEST!!! I also love that Ryan and I are sitting there watching. It's like 1:30 and we're exhausted and here my parents are showing us up.