May 1, 2011


Ok. We've been busy bees and have had no time to blog. Fine, the truth? ryan has been super busy, I have not, but we didn't have Internet and now we do so.... I'll be doing major catchup this week.

Nothing exciting has happened. This weekend was a James bond marathon. No not the movies silly. Playstation 2. In a blue moon we get a bunch of junk food (ie. licorice, sugar babies, hot tomales, chips & salsa, kettle corn and of course ryan's soda pop) and stay in bed all weekend until we beat the entire game. We started Friday night and finished Sunday after church. Is that bad to play a violent game on Sunday? oops.

It is the best because I have my husband to myself all weekend confined in our bed. It was our 38th month anniversary. Yes we still celebrate every month. Once a year is not enough celebrating. :) What better way to celebrate another month of marriage than cheering for each other when they kill the bad guy??? It's perfect.