May 2, 2011

art of doing nothing.

it's monday morning and ryan left me to go camping.

ok. there's more to the story. ryan's class required him to go on a two-night camping trip to work on team-building skills and activities of some sort. ryan says it will probably be stuff like leap frog (he's joking and i sure so because i would feel sorry for the student who had to jump over big frog ryan). anyway, i am left here alone in our apartment, with nothing to do but find things to occupy my time. i've gone running already and now, after making my self a big bowl of oatmeal, i'm climbing into bed, eating, and watching whatever random documentaries i can find on Netflix. One of which will be food inc. anyone seen it??

My best friend who told me to watch it says you'll never look at the meat industry the same. my husband may come home to a vegetarian. BIG problem considering he grew up on a cattle ranch.... anway, 2 days until i get to see my husband. until then i have his baby pictures to look through. here is my FAVORITE of all times.