May 9, 2011

Our Last Supper

I don't know how and I don't know why. All i know is that it's happening. Ryan has agreed to cut out candy, processed foods, red meat, AND (drum roll please...) soda! Have I finally convinced him of his poor eating or is this his last attempt at beating the slump of turning 27 soon?? Hopefully the first reason more than the second, but either way, I am happy.

Ryan has had some health problems and the doctors we've seen have been EVERYTHING but helpful with giving us a diagnosis. Only one person we went to suggested a change in diet.
Will this cure him? I dont think so.
Could it hurt him? No.
But could it help? Sure.
And so here we are. Trying to go a little more natural and a lot more healthy. No one knows how many times I challenged Ryan at cutting out soda. It runs in his blood and going a week without a few 44oz-ers might bring some withdrawals. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Ryan is a complete junk eater. He does really well compared to a lot of other people. We're just trying to take it up a notch with more fruits/veggies, oats, beans, whole wheat, fish etc.  If any of the recipes turn out more than descent, i'll post them.

We started yesterday and Sundays are a terrible day to start something like this. Especially Mothers Day. We really didn't plan this out well. At church they gave out a box of chocolate carmels. MY FAVORITE! It's almost like they knew i was going to be doing this with Ryan and wanted to break me. Let's just say, I put them in a special place where they won't tempt us and as soon as we can treat ourselves with high sugared foods, I'll be breaking them out and they will be all mine. Muah-ha-ha-ha :)

Ever heard of Big Juds? Well, of all the places to have our fix of greasy fattening fried foods, this is the place.
For those who have not had the priveledge to eat here, let me explain. This place is known for their HUGE burgers. So HUGE in fact, that you can pick it up with your hands. It takes up the size of a dinner plate and you have to cut sections to eat it. There is the 1 lber, 2 lber, 3lber, and 5 lber. If that's not sick than I don't know what is. I don't know if I should say "proudly" or "sadly" Ryan has eaten the 1lber before. They have a wall of pictures of those who finish it. There's a guy who ate the 5 lber. I'm not positive, but I think on his drive home he died of a heart attack. (No not really, but I wouldn't be surprised.) So Saturday night, we split the 1lber (I only had a quarter i promise), fries, sodas (i love root beer!) and two big waffle cones- pralines and cream. I think I ate enough calories for the week.