Apr 4, 2011

Gunstock Ranch

We checked off another "to-do" from our list. Rita's son owns a ranch up on the north shore called Gunstock Ranch and he offered to take us out on a ride before we left.

Now I know I have been on a horse trail ride before when I was super young; I don't remember but I have pictures of me on a horse. The second time was when Ryan and I were dating. I went out to his ranch and he gave me a little ride on one of his horses, but I was too uncomfortable and uneasy to really enjoy the ride.

This ride started out uneasy too. I could tell I was going to have trouble the moment I got on. Everyone else was on their horse and their horses were sitting there well-behaved. Mine? Not even, he kept walking away from the group to go eat and I tried to get him to stop eating but it just wasn't happening. It was a joke on the ride because he continuously stopped to snack along the way. Greg told me he gave me that horse because he has personality and thought I could handle it.... boy was he wrong.

Buster brought his head up for the picture but you can still see the food in his mouth he just got done grabbing.

The scenary was soo beautiful and green with amazing views of La'ie. I also had a good view of the trees on the ride up. Sadly, I would forget that I can stir him and would end up running into branches. I figured he would just know that I would hit them but it doesn't work that way. Oh Buster.... (Yes, my horses name was Buster! Anyone watch Arrested Development?)

I know it's not just me who thinks Ryan looks like a natural. Let's just say this isn't his first time. 

I'm pretty sure those twigs behind his head are the ones that I ran right into.

We made it to the top for the lookout. Ryan had to bring his horse to mine for this picture. Good thing he knows what he's doing otherwise this picture would not have been possible.