Apr 19, 2011

Catch up- Part I

I have not been on in quite awhile. So here I am playing catch-up. Ryan and I have been SUPER SUPER busy. We had our last week in Hawaii and my parents came down to visit. Then we flew back to Arizona where we stayed a few days and FINALLY we have made it back up to sweet Rexburg, Idaho. I wanted to share the last week we had in Hawaii since it was quite eventful with my parents and saying good-bye to friends.

We took them to see the blow hole which you can only imagine how many jokes my dad made about that.

We went to Pearl Harbor and saw the Arizona. Here Ryan is making his way through one of the submarines. He would never have done so well living on one of those.

One of the best views on the island don't you think????

After our strenuous hike, we HAD to cool off and relax. I'll never quite understand why Waimanalo beach is not popular, but the water is so blue blue BLUE and it's not crowded. PERFECT for muah.

We went to check out one of the botanical gardens there... it started out very beautiful until my dad and I were eaten alive by mosquitoes. Why do they have to attack me? I wish my blood didn't taste so good to them. Ugh.

I know you aren't used to seeing Ryan and I pose like this in pictures. It's just not us. BUT, there was a heart carved on the tree behind us and it was just so appropriate for the occassion. Plus, if you think this is funny, we had my parents pose the same too. I was just nice enough not to post it.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Random Act of Kindness... We went out to breakfast (Cinnamon's, which is a must!) and my dad was wearing a lei that was given to him from the day before. A lady saw that he had a lei and thought we were celebrating a special occasion so she had the waitress bring over another lei she bought for him (the red fancy one). It was so random but so sweet. We told her my parents were visiting for the first time. It's nice they were able to witness first hand the hawaiian aloha.

Last day with the folks we stopped by Lanikai beach, which is in the top beaches in the world! And for a little FYI on this picture, it was super windy which is why my dad's shirt makes him look like he has a big belly and i'm taming my wild hair. Oh, and its hard to picture what our actual heights are considering we are all standing on an incline. My dad was at the bottom and Ryan on the top. :)

We had a great last week with the folks. I've got one more posting with our good-byes to friends coming up soon. THEN you get to see even more exciting posts featuring: US LIVING IN REXBURG!!! I guess that means our blog won't be called hawaiian aloha anymore. Any suggestions for the new name?