Apr 3, 2011


Friday night Ryan and I headed up to Rita's son's ranch for horse back riding. He lives up on the north shore and his family runs a horse back riding business and swimming lessons for locals. Ryan and I pulled up to the house and I saw a guy get out of a van. One glimpse and I knew, Jack Johnson.

He lives up on the north shore and I guess he has some kids that take swim lessons there. I started to tell Ryan, "Ryan that is Jack Johnson!" He thought he looked a little different but I was so sure of it. We casually said hi to him. He asked what we were up to and we told him we were headed for a horse back ride. He told us that he had been bucked off a horse when he was younger and hadn't been on since. We met with our friends and told them that we saw him. At this point he was sitting over by the swing set reading a book to his kids. We were standing there debating whether to go up to him or not. Ryan and I would have died if we hadn't gotten a picture with him.

We went over and asked him and yes it was. Star struck. We asked for his picture and Ryan told him that was listening to his music all day while painting the house. He was super nice and you could tell he was such a humble guy. We felt bad bothering him but he was very nice about it and let us get a picture with him.

We thanked him and after we had walked away I realized that I wanted to tell him that our wedding song was one of his, Better Together. I wanted to go back and tell him but thought I should be happy with just a picture and leave it at that.

Maybe I will have the opportunity this week... now that I know what days his kids have swim lessons. Ha. One thing we know, we are naming a boy Jack.