Jan 15, 2011

Pali want a cracker?

Ok. Lame title for the post. I'm laughing at myself for writing that. Just trying to make it a little more interesting besides just saying Pali Lookout. How boring is that?

Nuuana Pali Lookout is a "MUST SEE" on the windward side of Oahu. Here is some history if you are interested. For those of you who aren't, just keep on scrolling down to see the pictures :)

It is believed to be the home of Kamapuaa, a Hawaiian demi-god who is half-man and half-pig. It is also up here at the Pali lookout where in 1795, King Kamehameha and his invading army pushed the Oahu defenders over the mountain’s sheer cliffs, thus becoming the new ruler of Oahu. In 1897, when the first Pali Road was being built, 300 skulls were discovered at the bottom of those same sheer cliffs.

Have you ever been somewhere and some one sees that you want your picture taken and they say,
"Do you want me to take your picture? "
"Yes, please. Thank you so much."

You might think to yourself what a nice gesture for them to offer becaue that's what I was thinking when a guy took this picture... but then after the picture they say...
"Oh can you take mine now? Thanks."
Well, this is one of those pictures.

Senior Pictures!! HA!

Check out the great view!!
I'm not just talking about Ryan people. :)



 Beautiful Day! In this picture you can see the town that we are living in. We are right of the two mountains in the back right corner. Unfortuantely, the mountain on the right is blocking our neighborhood.