Jan 16, 2011

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club

The New Year means new adventures. Ryan and I are officially members of the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club. We meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for paddling out in the ocean. We will be the first to admit that 1.) it is so much fun and 2.) you will be so sore.

Today was PERFECT weather. Let me define what I think is perfect weather. First of all, it's sunny but occasionally the clouds will provide some shade. You have a nice breeze to keep you cool but not any more than that because you want to be feeling the sun on your skin. Am i right or am i right? Well, that's exactly how it was today.

On our ride today we went out to the Twin Islands a.k.a. Mokulua's. The water was 100% crystal clear. You think that the turquoise clear water only exists in pictures... but you can actually see it in real life too!
We paddled around the islands and pulled up on the small beach on the island. We were able to rest and soak up the amazing view!

*These photos were not taken by the blogger. Only posted to provide readers with a visual. Although the man in front of the canoe does bear some resemblance to Ryan. jk.