Jan 24, 2011

Our New Ohana (Family)

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Speaking of new beginnings, did I mention I joined a martial arts class. Well, I did. And it's one of the best things that I've done in a long time. I've only had two classes but I find myself qualified enough to share with people that I do martial arts. Not only is it something new and challenging, but we have practice on the beach. Yes, just like this guy here (a picture I found off google), we meet 3 days a week in the mornings at the beach. I found myself getting in a routine and not experiencing new things. I never saw myself doing something like this and when I sit back and think, man, i'm in a martial arts class, i chuckle a bit to myself. But that's okay. I'm trying something new and it is a rewarding feeling. My first day of class was a killer! My teacher asked me if I could do man push-ups. (Which by the way, I don't really like that they are called man-push ups. I think that's sexist. What... only men can do full push-ups? pff.) Anyway, I told her no and she said well just do them anyway. Oh really teacher? I ended up doing about 50. No they were not complete push-ups but I wasn't on my knees and that's a huge achievement in itself. Hopefully, by the time we leave hawaii i will have abs like this guy below.
Another great part about this class is that everyone is really close and have become our Ohana. A majority of the class is actually related, and the others are so close to each other you would think they were related. They told me that they do everything together and to expect them to invite us to everything. After knowing them for a few days, they invited us out Friday night to watch one of the students play in his band down in Waikiki. Ryan and I haven't gone out late at night much because of my job and we thought it was funny that it took a group of 40+ year olds to make us stay out till 1am. We went out to eat and then went over to Jimmy Buffets to watch Mark's band.

They even brought their grandma who is 92! We all went out to the dance floor and she would come with us. I hope that when I'm that age I can go out late at night with the young folks and party it up still. That must be her fountain of youth. She went out to the dance floor and performed a hula dance for everyone. This is something I have to learn while I'm here... and Ryan too of course. 92 years old! it's hard to believe i know.