Jan 10, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch-China... TOWN

On Saturday, the weather was a little more on the gloomy side. We thought we would head to town (Honolulu) and walk around China town just to say we did it. We tried out some food and drinks and bought some groceries! We couldn't even tell we were in Hawaii.. it felt too much like China. First comes first, lets hit the bakery. Eh... not too impressed. I was probably just wanting a donut or something and got mystery thing. Did not satisfy my sweet carb tooth.

 I got a hair clip and I wanted Ryan to take a picture of it. Then he made fun of me because I said, Dang my hair looks really good in that picture. You have to understand, i just threw my hair up really fast and i thought it looked professional. Dont you? :) Ok, you're right, I exaggerated a little.

Do you want to buy fresh fish? or cookies? Why not both?