Dec 16, 2010

Ready for my triathalon

Ok no. i'm not doing a triathalon. but this evening was amazing. Jeri and I went in our back yard (the ocean) to go swimming. Our backyard has the coral reef so we had to walk out a ways to start swimming. (note to self: buy water shoes). my feet were killing me!
i was slowly dying from pain.  
we swam over to kailua beach (only after gashing my foot into a rock and cut the top of my foot) THEN ran down a few miles to the beach park. I know what you're thinking. we are hardcore. and yes, we are.

Came back and had dinner with Rita. I had to pick out the black beans from the mexican rice. (note to self: she doesn't like to eat anything black- i should really get a note pad to keep track of this stuff)