Dec 15, 2010

a sticker doesn't cut it at the dentist office

so we had to take Rita to the dentist today. she had a dang cavity that needed fixin. They came back to tell us she was done and we went back to see her. I found the pile of stickers and thought i would put one on her to make her smile  :)  .... little did i know  : / 

we put her in the wheel chair and  i told her that since she was such a good patient she got a sticker. i put it on her blouse before showing her. [oops.] she asked what it said and before i could answer she said "does it say i don't have to ever come back here? " yes rita i replied.
paid for her cavity and asked to for a smile to see her beautiful teeth. she closed her eyes and gave a big sarcastic smile (the type of smile you give someone when you don't want to smile and it's like. "FINE! see? a smile. happy now?"). Thanks Rita. Now let's get the heck out of here shall we? She laughs. I laugh.