Dec 31, 2010

Dear Obama

Dear Obama,
You are a huge inconvenience. At first, we were excited to have you 5 houses down from us. The excitement wore off fast. Here is a list of reasons why we would like you to leave.

1. Our entire street is lined with cars, on both sides with your secret service not moving aside for us to leave the neighborhood.

2. Coming back into our neighborhood and having to go through two check points. We  get out of our car for the bomb squad to search everything. You have your search dog smell everything. And then they wand us down every single time only to get back in the car and drive down one more street.

3. We can't swim in our backyard.

4. Part of the beach behind our house is blocked off just for you.

5. You leave at 7:15 in the morning every day which is way too early for Ryan and I to come down and watch you leave.

6. We can't bring fireworks back to our house for new years... but that doesn't mean we won't try to smuggle some in.

7. Not only does it take time to come back INTO our neighborhood and down our street, but sometimes you make us wait to LEAVE.

8. We made a poster for you and they wouldn't let us put it up.

9. The US Coastal Guards mess up our backyard view of the water.

10. And lastly, you could have invited us over to your house for a breakfast to say "sorry for the inconvenience and I appreciate you allowing us to stay in your neighborhood." No. Nothing at all.

The most action we've seen is when Ryan and I were walking down the street and one of the secret service guys was walking your dog. Not much excitement.

You are welcome to leave. Thank you.


Ryan and Elizabeth

first check point

second check point

all the cars on our street

floating in canal -front of house

messing up our beautiful view- backyard

2nd check point