Dec 28, 2010

Have a holly jolly Chistmas.....(written by Ryan)

Well Christmas day was a real hoot. First off, we exchanged gifts. Elizabeth made me a sweet stocking with my name on it, got me a nice hawaiian shirt, a hawaiian christmas ornament, and some sandals. What a sweet little ol gal.
Later on we went to Lanikai beach and chilled out there for a couple hours. That was for sure something different for a christmas activity.

The next Christmas activity involved us going up to Laie to see our friends Daniel and Christal. We enjoyed a nice ham dinner with a bunch of other stuff. It was delicious. We just hung out and played some games with them and another couple they had invited. I won pretty much all of the games.
Over all we had a great Christmas. It will definitely be one to remember forever.
 I had originally made Elizabeth a ring our of a silver quarter. I lost it on the trip out here, so I had to improvise with a little sporty watch and some other little things.

There are quite a few pictures of me with the flowers I picked for Elizabeth. Can't ever have enough pictures of a man looking really manly like I do with those cute little things.

Lanikai Beach.... Santa does exist!

Ryan getting sun

Liz getting sun

Liz and Ryan both getting sun :)