Dec 31, 2010

Christmas week- Part II

We had an eventful Christmas week and I had some more pictures I wanted to share. One of the other caregivers works at a nursing home and she invited us to go over for their first annual Christmas party. Which by the way was a huge success. Tongans eat a lot of food, so whenever there is some kind of party, expect to have a LOT of FOOD in front of you. And everyone will say, eat more eat more.... here take some home!!!

We had a Samoan choir come and sing some Christmas carols to us. I don't know what's in there gene pool but Samoans and Tongans are really good singers. Probably like 99% of them are. If you ever get bored and want to look stuff up on youtube, there are tongan sisters that put a lot of videos up of them singing.

"It's an illluuuuuuusion."

Can you believe it? We had a magician come and perform magic tricks.. or rather... illluuuusssions. Have any of you seen Arressted Development? Just think of Job saying "It's an illusion" and he sounded just like him. He made us all repeat it back to him to. Hilarious.

Well, it's time for everyone to go home. Grab your walker.