Jan 5, 2011

Seeing the sights.... we are so not tourists

Ok, so technically we're not really tourists because we are living here now... but people can still point us out easy enough when we are going to all the touristy places. Here are some we've checked out. :)

Apparently this is the best place for shaved ice on the island. Up on the north shore. Yes, the shaved ice here is amazing.... but that's because I'm used to the Snow Shack in Rexburg.

Mark my words... one of these days I will be standing on that island
MOKOLI'I a.k.a.

I was tempted not to put these pictures up because we actually didn't reach the end of this hike.
This is our second hike and we didn't learn from the first hike not to go the day after it rains.
We also forgot to wear mosquito repellent. We learned that from out first hike too.
It was so muddy our feet were slipping everywhere so we ended up heading back. Stay tuned in and eventually we'll put pictures up of the end. I also dont remember the name of this hike so I'll post it next time.

Best Guava Pancakes in the World!
I actually didn't order the guava pancakes, but I did have a bite off my friend's plate and they were good!

This is the hawaiian Jamba Juice... Even though they do have Jamba Juices here. I think this one is better.

Just throwing this on here because you see it everywhere. 

Apparently this is the original restaurant that the movie 50 First Dates got their restaurant idea where Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore meet and do the whole waffle house thing. Anyway, they got the name of the movie restaurant from this cafe. And you can't really tell but this little cafe is right in the middle of a neighbord. So awesome. This was one of the days I went running with a camera. See? It's so useful to go running with a camera. you should all try it.