Oct 20, 2016

the birthday boy and another.... boy

I have a handful of pictures of the boys chowing down on chips. They couldn't pause a second for a photo and Lincoln's expression cracks me up. haha

We were really impressed with Lincoln this year around. He actually agreed to get in the water this time. Yes, the choke-hold was still in full swing. Luckily, Ryan has awesome lung capacity and didn't pass out.
More chips. I promise we had other stuff to eat for lunch besides chips. But chips may have been the main staple.
oh, ya know, just working on my synchronized swimming routine... by myself.
And for his birthday, Ryan requested an ice cream sandwich cake which I had never made but was thrilled to see how stinking easy it was. I felt like an awesome wife for unwrapping ice cream sandwiches and layering them in a dish with cool whip and crushed Oreo in between. They loved it!

Bottom left picture: Lincoln cried because he thought the previous bite was going to him... but I ate it. C'mon! Pregnant lady here!

Also, his birthday weekend was father's day. And my dear friend made some gender reveal cupcakes for us. Here it is! Finding out baby #3's gender!

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