Feb 24, 2016

backyard camp-out

I keep telling Ryan how much I'd love for all of us to go camping. Ryan and I used to camp all the time when it was just the two of us. Our summers in Idaho were the ultimate--- campouts by the Snake River and views of the Teton mountains. Ryan would fish, I read; it was peaceful and quite and sunny and beautiful! Something tells me adding kids to the mix wouldn't be quite as relaxing...  

Anyway, Ryan promised Lincoln we would have a little camp-out in our backyard and I'll tell ya, it actually ended up being a brilliant idea. We didn't have to pack up our car with all of our camping gear, I didn't have to prepare food to take in the cooler, we didn't smell like smoke for the next few days, there was no popping-squats behind trees, AND we were still able to put the kids down at their bedtimes in their own beds! We had the basics: a tent and s'mores. And yes, we even toasted the mallows on our grill. :)

I had made Simon his own birthday cake and he didn't even touch it. Not one nibble. I thought it was because of my baking skills, but the other day I tried giving him a donut and after a few chews, he spit that out, too. Boosted my confidence a bit knowing it wasn't just my baking. But seriously, is he my kid? Point being, he technically hasn't had much sweets. But a s'more? He loved it! I know it's hard to tell with his somber expressions, but he did. :)  Nom Nom Nom!
(can we take a moment to focus on Ryan. He's sure rockin' the whole shorts-with-cowboy-boots-and-full-blown-beard look, huh!)
And we rocked story time till the sun went down. I foresee much more camp-outs in our near future, all placed in our backyard, of course. :)