Jan 24, 2016

cuddle monkey turns 1

Last night, after Simon went to sleep, I snuck in to hang up his birthday banner. This morning when I went it, he was hitting the tassels and laughing. I think the full moon last night is the cause of him waking up early today. Look at him! He's ready to party!
Snapped a picture of their morning routine---playing in the bedroom while I slave away making sprinkled pancakes that Simon refused to eat. :)

We took the boys to the children's museum. Lincoln and Ryan were off doing their thing and I was the mom in the baby corner snapping a million pictures of my child because, "Hey, it's his birthday, okay??!!" Like I really need a reason, right?

The tunnel was his favorite---crawling up and down that thing like a boy on a mission.
Simon giving Ryan the ole' nipple twist. Ouchie
GAHHH! This picture makes me so happy.
And we ended the evening with a quick stroll on his new trike.
I think Lincoln was more excited to push Simon, than Simon was to be in it. I would be a little leery too if Lincoln was in control of my ride.
Not sure why Lincoln has the helmet on--- safety first, I guess. It would have been smarter to put the helmet on Simon after seeing Lincoln going a little crazy pushing his brother. Simon wasn't too fond of that.
We were watching Curious George with Lincoln one night (yes, our nights are really crazy) and Ryan said, "Doesn't Simon look a little bit like Curious George?" Uhhh, YES! It's times like that I remember how in-sync Ryan and I are together. Also, he didn't eat a single bite or lick of his cake. I think he has a keen sense of judgment when it comes to his mother's baking...
things we love about Simon:
1. he loves to cuddle and lay his head on your shoulder
2. pointing his finger at you
3. his awesome cow-lick
4. His love of corn and peas
5. how excited he gets when daddy gets home
6. how much he loves bath time
7. how easy he is to love

Simon, we love you. Happy sweet birthday, to our cuddle bug monkey.