Nov 9, 2015

the 9 month miracle

It's raining outside right now and it's been pouring since at least 4:30am. I usually love being woken up to thunder and lightening, but when it's so loud that it wakes up your 9 month old, every rumble of thunder makes you want to run outside and tell the thunder to stop being so thunderous! Luckily, the lightening and thunder has subsided and now it's just pouring like crazy outside. Ryan's left for work and I'm wide awake with more than an hour before the kids wake up. I thought about crawling back in bed and watching some home renovation shows before they wake, but I'm trying to stay diligent with this blog.
Simon turned 9 months 2 weeks ago and I feel like a light switched has finally turned on. I don't think any mom wants to admit they're having an extremely difficult time. Simon has been the child that has always had something sort of difficulty since he's been born. Three cases of thrush, THREE, then teething, then a cold, then a sinus infection, then another cold, and more teething--- all the while, demanding to be held and couldn't be left anywhere without crying. Whatever happened to independent play-time?? Oh, and then there's the fact that he's a chronic 40 minute napper...

I love this boy, through the good times and difficult times-- and we've had our share of difficult. All that aside, he cracks me up and is SUCH a cuddle-bug (sometimes I feel like he's more of a leech depending on the day). Lincoln wanted nothing to do with me straight out of the womb, so having a  child who wants to nuzzle his head on me chest is refreshing. Sometimes, he'll pause for a second to lift his head up off my chest to look at me, smile, and then lay it back down. SWOON!

He's officially crawling and his two favorite things to do are watch Lincoln and go for wagon rides. Oh, and he also likes to look incredibly cute. :)