Nov 9, 2015

28 feels great

Ryan left me a card in Simon's room next to his crib, knowing I would see it first thing in the morning when I get him up. I would love to share everything he wrote, but I'll spare the sentimental words and just say, I've been blessed with a husband who makes me completely happy.

The weather was perfect. Perfect weather, in case you don't know, is 75 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze. Perfect! I took the boys out for a morning walk. Lincoln rode his strider bike that he's mastering beautifully and Simon plopped himself inside the wagon and just enjoyed the ride and the entertainment provided by Lincoln.
We took a little picnic to the park around lunch time-- by picnic I mean, snacks from home and chicken nuggets for Lincoln.
Enjoying spaghetti dinner outside and laughing at the all the "sauce-smiles". Dinner was slightly rushed because we were being eaten by mosquitoes. 
We took the party inside for dessert. Simon ready to stab a bite out of my pie...
and one of those trick candles brought out the best giggles from Lincoln. I never blew out a candle so many times before, but each time got more and more funny.