Feb 24, 2014

the time when I tried to be a hero

I told Ryan we should go for an evening walk up by the mountain and watch the sunset. I even looked up what time the sunset was earlier in the day so we were prepared to catch it. No excuses. I told him 6:30, but then he said he was going to the gym first. In my mind, we would be cutting it too close for my comfort. Did i say 6:30?? I meant 6:10 (which was the truth, I just had my times wrong). Ryan figured I was joking (the sunset is not something to be facetious about) and left without clarifying the real time.

He got home, I was already frazzled because I learned he didn't take the earlier time seriously, and we I frantically threw the camera, stroller, Lincoln's treats into the car to take off. We tried to savor most of the sunset in our car and caught the tail end 10 feet into the trail. As we put Lincoln in his stroller, lined up his snacks to keep him satisfied, and scurried over to the bike path, we barely had enough time to take a few pictures.
 We had a few laughs for the short 10 minute hike we had. The biggest laugh came from a tiny pinky, Lincoln's pinky. Apparently we are raising our boy to be very proper? We'll need to work on this. He's practically raised by wolves as it is, so I'm not sure what we can do to make him eat messier... ?

And now for the time I tried to be a hero-- or not so much. Recently, we were in Idaho for my grandma's funeral. I had just dropped my mom and Lincoln off for his nap and was leaving to head back over to my aunt's. I walked out our hotel room and I saw this guy walking towards me. The elevator was down a hall in between both of us. I already made it awkward in my mind because the guy was kinda freaky looking and I was dreading having to share an elevator with him. He was tall and lanky and was wearing a black hoodie, black shirt, black sweater, and black coat, black pants, and black boots...AND one black glove. Mind you, it was like 20 degrees there so the warm clothing was suitable, but all black??? I've watched way too many scary movies.

I picked up the pace trying to reach the elevators before him. Maybe the doors will close just as he got there and I'll act like I'm trying to open it for him but secretly be pushing the "close door" button. Yes, this was all playing out in my head. Just beyond the elevators, there was a huge window and window sill. And do you know what was on that window sill? A black glove sitting there by its lonesome self. That's weird. I got inside the elevator just as he turned the hall as well. I thought he was going to get in with me, but instead, he walked past the elevators, jumped up onto the window sill, and was trying to open the window! I stood inside the elevator and pushed the "open doors" button so I could see what he was doing. I saw him struggling to open the window and figured I should get the heck out of there before he realizes I'm witnessing whatever it is he was trying to do.

I hurried to the front desk and frantically explained what I saw "he was wearing all black and looked scary and suspicious" and then ended with, "I think he might jump!" She stared at me not really knowing what to do or say.

I figured she was thinking one of two things:
1. I don't get paid enough to deal with these types of situations or
2. If you thought he was going to jump, why didn't you stay there and try and talk him out of it?

She was probably thinking both. Either way, she could tell I was panicked and worried which made her panicked and worried. And THEN.......

a guy standing right off the front desk with a shovel said, "Oh he's one of my guys. He's going to shovel some snow off the ledge."

Doh'! FACE PALM. and then as I tired to rewind that whole scene in my head, the creepy guy appeared. And by this time they were laughing and explained to him what I thought and so he started laughing..... DOUBLE FACE PALM.

They had bowl at the front desk with some candy, I grabbed a handful trying to act all nonchalant about the situation. "oh cool man... yeah... whateva... i was like just makin sure ya know.... but uh... thanks for the candy."

and then a zip line out the hotel lobby.