Feb 19, 2014

my 5 star reservation with Ron Swanson

Lincoln has been sick all weekend..... including Valentine's night. But that put no damper whatsoever on our plans. Ryan and I didn't even go out of the house to celebrate. But why would we? Going to some busy restaurant, not being able to hear each other? Not our style. Instead, we decided we would put Lincoln to bed, dress up, and cook what we want to eat TOGETHER at home in the comfort of our own kitchen. We had some lights strung, a candle lit and my flowers in their vase, and Jack Johnson on Pandora. Now THAT'S a 5-star reservation.
^^ oh ya know, just chugging the sparkling cider like a champ.
 ^^ when I asked Ryan what he wanted us to make for our valentines dinner he said "my number one favorite food, wrapped around my number three favorite food." Bacon-wrapped shrimp it is, Ron Swanson.