Nov 4, 2013


I owe my parents BIG time. "I owe ya one" is becoming a frequent comment to my parents as of lately.. especially my dad who has helped babysit on Fridays while I cover some shifts at the hospital. He's quite a natural with Lincoln and I'm grateful they're able to spend some time with each other. If Ryan gets transferred out of Phoenix I'll be heartbroken to have Lincoln away from his papa and nana, who also double-duty quite nicely as his babysitters. :) My dad even stayed the night last Monday so Ryan and I could go to a concert. I made it up to him by making him breakfast the following morning before he left for work and packed him a lunch to take too. He even admitted to having a good night's sleep because he had the guest bed all to himself instead of mom hogging  taking more than her fair share of the bed at home. :) Love you mom.

Anyway, the concert was awesome. I was able to break out my cowboy boots that I've worn like 5 times in the past 10 years so that's always exciting. We had lawn seats, but we still had an awesome view and liked having a big blanket to give us more space. We laughed at how territorial everyone was in the lawn section. The bigger the blanket, the more space you claim for your area and we were the ones with the queen sized blanket!!! HA HA HA HA

And  a cool photo I found. One of their songs included a patriotic verse and they had some Veterans come out. The crowd went crazy with US pride and the photo I take of them onstage showed a guy in front of us saluting.

Great concert!

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