Oct 31, 2013


Best birthday ever! Oh ya know, just sitting out on our back patio, looking at my beautimous flowers from Ryan (who says he chose them because of the fall colors) and smelling my sugar cookie candle AND watching Ryan cook me my birthday dinner. :) I love watching him cook. Yes, part of it is because I know I'm able to take a break from it, but also because there's something about a man cooking.....am I right or am I right? Oh, and he was grilling some pork chops. First time grilling some meat after our cleanse for Ryan (more on that coming later). 
And then, because he knows me so well, he made me a BIG chocolate banana & walnut cupcake, because to me, that's a yummy dessert! I had my boys singing happy birthday to me; well Ryan sang while Linc  clapped because that's his new talent.... and it's THE.BEST!
My boys sure know how to make me feel special.

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