Oct 9, 2013

no need to fear, supermom is here!

well it's 620am and Lincoln is still sleeping. I know I should be joining him too, but I just got up to check on him as Ryan was leaving for work and now I'm wide awake. Last night was a rough one, poor guy might be getting sick. Not sure if it's just allergies, or a full on cold. But when your baby, who usually sleeps soundly, is waking up every 2 hours having a runny/congested nose and is having trouble breathing, your heart just breaks. He was so tired and wanted to sleep but that cute little button nose of his was not cooperating.

I had this vision of me as "Supermom" last night. Opening his bedroom door with my Supermom stance and my bulb syringe secured in some cool Supermom tool belt. Lincoln would only see my silhouette from the nightlight and my night-robe acting as my cape, but he would know it's me when I say, "No need to fear, your Supermom is here!"  And since every superhero has their sidekicks, the humidifier and bulb syringe will be mine for the next few days.

Yesterday was day 3 and for here's a small update on Ryan and our extremely wonderfully tasty healthy menu this month. Ryan has had a little headache and said he was really craving a soda yesterday. A headache was an expected side effect, but nothing this guy can't overcome.

We cut up one flat of our wheatgrass last night, juiced it all, and froze it in Lincoln's food trays. :) I've been reading a lot about wheatgrass and the best way to prepare and drink it. As always, drinking right after juicing is optimal. But let's be real here, juicing wheatgrass every day can get old real fast. Especially after 3 days. Some sites say you can juice, freeze, store in airtight containers, and when ready, place cube in cup and let warm water run on outside of cup to thaw, then drink right away. Did you catch all that? Yeah, I know. Anyway, that's what we've decided to do. We know we lose some nutritional benefits, but it's more than what he would be getting anyhow.

Yesterday was a repeat dinner of day 2 because I'm all about the leftovers. And when I'm getting food out of the fridge to serve up, Ryan tells me (out of nowhere) that he really likes the Almond Coconut milk in his breakfast. Those words were music to my ears. :)

Day 2
PB Banana Overnight Oats
Honey Apple Sandwich
Sweet Potato Burrito, Kale Cranberry-Seed Salad

Day 3
Blueberry Coconut Overnight Oats
Chickpea Mash Sandwich

Sweet Potato Burrito
2 cups Cooked Brown Rice
2 cups Black Bean
Cooked sweet potato- 2 large potatoes, chopped ( I used leftovers from Sunday nights Sweet Potato fries)
Cilantro- handful
Chili powder- dash
Wheat tortillas

I cooked a bunch of brown rice on Sunday to have throughout the week. I also soaked and cooked black beans and chickpeas for the week. Which makes these recipes so much easier to throw together. I threw the rice, beans, and leftover sweet potato fries from Sunday in pan to reheat. I sprinkled some chili powder on top and chopped up some lettuce and cilantro while that concoction was heating up. Guess what I did next.....Threw everything in a wheat tortilla and squeezed some lime on top! BAM!

Kale Cranberry-Seed Salad
Kale 8-10 leaves, chopped
Broccoli florets, 1.5 cup chopped (i also grated the stems and threw them in too)
Small Cabbage, 1.5 cup chopped
Dried Cranberries 1/2 cup
Sunflower Seeds 1/4 cup
Pumpkin Seeds 1/4 cup

Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4cup
Coconut oil 1/4 cup
Agave 2 tbs
Poppy Seeds (optional) 2 tsp
Lemon 1/2 squeezed

I need to do better with measuring every item to give you... but until I pick up that habit you'll have to use your best guess. All those measurements were me thinking about how much I actually used, but the dressing is exact. Everything else is give-n-take. I'll make it again and repost correct and actual amounts. Place all salad ingredients in bowl. Mix dressing items together and pour over salad and toss all together.