Jul 19, 2013

photo challenge

I see all these photo challenges online and thought I would partake in one. I love looking through old photos and having those memories to look back on. One day, maybe, I will have them printed out in an album or displayed in our home. But for now, I'll post some of my favorites on our blog to share and document some of the memories we're making as a family.

One of the challenges I saw was a photo-a-week of your kid(s). Which was perfect because realistically, I can easily take a photo once a week to share of Lincoln's first year. I think the real challenge is not sharing a photo-a-day on here, but instagram has nixed that itch of mine. :)
And here's catch up of the past weeks of Lincoln 14-17 which he had many "firsts".
1. Leaving daddy for a week
2. to fly his first plane ride to Idaho
3. for his first family reunion.
4. He spent his first night away from home, in his travel bed, AND thankfully still slept through the night.
5. He flew to the Shideler ranch and had his first 4-wheeler ride and met all of his cousins
6. and finally made it back to Arizona on his first 10 hr road-trip, and, thankfully, slept most of the way.