Jul 8, 2013

mama's boy.... or so I'd like to think.

I have a crazy amount of pictures from the past 2 weeks. We finally made it home on Saturday from our 2 week vacation. We were in for a shock when we came home. We had the AC off while we were away and we went from beautiful weather in Idaho/Colorado to 115 degree Arizona weather and a 98 degree house. Home sweet home. We were unpacking and cranking on the AC when Ryan called me upstairs to show me something. I had a candle in our room with drops of melted wax on top. That's a first.

With all the pictures I have to upload, I wanted to share these first. While Linc and I were in Idaho, my sweet, beautiful, extremely talented cousin took pictures of us. I had a CD of pictures waiting for me when we got home. It was perfect for delaying all the unpacking I needed to do. The pictures are all beautiful. She did such a wonderful job I HAD to share. :) Thanks Hilary!

Quick funny story on our little photo shoot. I actually had a grey tank top on over my white shirt, but about 3 minutes into taking pictures, Lincoln spit up everywhere!! I took off my mommy-bib tank top and carried on with the shoot. A mommy's gotta do what a mommy's gotta do.