Jul 9, 2013

albion, id

What: Zollinger Family Reunion. 2013.
Where: Albion, Idaho

I have to ask myself why did we ever leave Idaho in the first place? I guess there was the whole graduating and Ryan getting a job elsewhere factor, but still I have to ask, WHY????? IT'S BEAUTIFUL THERE!

First time to Albion, Idaho and even though this small town had a population of about 250, it was still a gem. Nothing can replace Rexburg, but this town quenched my thirst for a Idaho trip quite nicely. My dad, bros, and I thought we would take a little drive to see the town. I think we drove 4 blocks and saw everything.
We made a half-day trip to City of Rocks, which looked just like the name, a city of rocks. A breathtaking view until it started to get crazy windy and rain a bit. Which meant our packed lunches would be either devoured while admiring the rocks or taking cover in the comfort of our rental car. I for one enjoyed my lunch with Lincoln in the comfort of a car.
And then there was the big event of rounding up grandma (the easiest part since she's in a wheelchair) her 7 kids and their spouses, about 20 grandkids and their spouses, and about 30 great grandkids. I'm anxiously awaiting to see how those photos turned out. The pictures will either be a real success or down right hilarious.
Our beautiful accommodations was once the campus of Southern Idaho College of Education that closed down in 1951. One of the buildings is now a museum, another is a refurbished boys dormitory (which is where we stayed), and the other 3 buildings are turned into haunted mansions for Halloween. What more can this campus offer for a perfect family reunion location. :)