Jun 21, 2013

stars and (tie dye) stripes

who doesn't love tie dye? okay, i actually know a few people...they really do exist. I'm not one of them though--- and until Lincoln is able to voice his opinion, he's not one of them either. In celebration of my favorite holiday coming up, I made some tie-dye for the boys and I to wear.

We'll be spending the 4th on the ranch in Colorado, which will be a first for me. I'm pretty stoked because this year, we'll have our own private show put on by the Pyromaniac Shideler boys themselves.
1. White onesie (or whatever item you're dying)
2. Fold accordian-style and secure with rubber bands (or hair-ties in my case)
3. Soak in warm water and dye (I used a large kitchen bowel and a cap full of Rit dye. Depending on what you're dying, the water and dye will vary but directions will be on bottle).
4. Rinse thoroughly until water turns clear. Remove rubber bands. (You'll want to wash separately in washing machine before washing item with other clothes.)
Now I must finish packing. Lincoln and I are headed to Idaho for a week long family reunion and then flying to Colorado to stay with Ryan's family for another week. 2 weeks of packing for me and the baby?? yah, a little stressful. On a positive note: Lincoln's clothes don't take up much space. Negative: I'm not sure how he'll like being dressed every day for the next 2 weeks. That's a lot of "naked-time" out the window.