Jun 20, 2013

3 months

 I receive emails on Lincoln's milestones from BabyCenter.
It says in this next month he'll start smiling a lot more---
he already smiles ALL. THE. TIME.
He'll be cooing. ----
Yep, he coos ALL. THE. TIME
It also says he should start rolling over. ---
He's done that a few times already too.
And he should be able to hold his head up more on his own---
This one could use some more work.  Unless he's trying to look like a bobble head. In that case, he's got it down pat.
So apparently, there's not much to look forward to this next month???
 au contraire !

This boy has got some major personality. I wish I could capture it all with a photo, but there's just too much of it.
PC Knowledge
You must learn to be stealthy if you are a parent. I want to say it's a skill that you can't learn; you're just born with it. But I want to give my husband some hope; so yes honey, you can become more stealthy with practice.
Sometimes, Linc will wake up mid-nap and needs us to give him the paci to help him fall back asleep. But then there's the chance when we do this, he will see us and start getting really excited and happy (can you blame him?). Which then leads to him not wanting to finish his nap, and getting cranky because we picked him up to play when he's actually still tired. Sigh.
 Of course it's ideal that we didn't have to do that, but of course it's ideal that he just doesn't wake up in the middle of his nap either.
Which brings us to being stealthy/the arched arm technique/ and the army crawl
When he starts waking up from his nap early, we'll hunch next to the crib (you never stand up in fear he'll see you and want to get up and play), blindly reach our arm over the rail to pick up the paci and plug him, then army crawl away. It's really the only successful way to do this.
It's actually quite funny when we're both standing there and Ryan gets closer to peer over the edge. He quickly jolts his head down and mouths the words

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