Jun 14, 2013


PC knowledge:
PUNK'd by a baby? It's true.
As soon as Linc falls asleep for his nap, a rush comes over me-- What do I need to do before he wakes up? As soon as I think he's in a deep enough sleep, I'll bolt for the shower and try to have some "relaxing-me-time" the best a new mother can. Maybe if I'm feeling real crazy and think I have enough time, I'll shave my legs. PreBaby: my showers weren't over until we ran out of hot water.....now, if I stand there for an extra 30 seconds, it's a real treat.

Anyway, with this particular shower, I felt confident Linc was sound asleep and I would stay in a little longer to relax. Of course, as I finished and turned off the water, I heard Lincoln SCREAMING!!!!! How long has he been screaming for? I felt terrible for trying to get a little "me" time when the shower should have been short-and-sweet. I barely dried myself off and ran to him saying I'm so sorry Lincoln!! BUT! Before I even get the chance to pick him up to console him, the water-works ceased immediately, he looks up at me, gives me a BIG FAT smile, and falls RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP! What?????

I feel like I can read his thoughts and you wanna know what he was thinking? After he immediately stopped crying and gave me a big grin he thought, "I punk'd you." He closed his eyes feeling successful for having a whooped mother!