May 10, 2013

my son's first apology

The other day was one of those days.  I heard the garage door open and I greeted Ryan with a half-hearted smile and handed Linc to him. It was a doozy of a day and I needed some Nyquil, a bed, my sleep mask, sound proof walls, some hazelnut candles burning, and maybe some Enya playing in the background. Ryan could tell I was a little stressed and quickly put Linc in the stroller to take him for a walk. He sent me a text message on their walk and this is what I got. (According to Ryan) Linc picked me some flowers and said, "Sorry Mom for being bad today. I love you." After seeing this adorable picture of my little boy, I would have scrapped all of what I thought I needed for what I really needed: my two boys back home with me.

On a happy weekend note: What Ryan and I really need is a real date night. Our first official date night in 7 weeks. Grandparents are coming over to babysit and Ryan and I are headed out!