May 13, 2013

my first

I've learned two things from this picture.
1. my husband has trouble taking a focused picture, but really good at taking blurry ones.
2. i look ghostly white next to my olive-skinned baby.
Regardless, I'm one blessed mommy and my first mother's day was wonderful. My appreciation, respect, and gratitude has grown for my mother now that I've become a mother myself. It's true you will never understand the love a parent has for their child until the day your own baby is wrapped up in your arms and has stolen your heart.  Thank you mom for loving me and teaching me to love others, to love life, and to love myself. I love you.

oh and for a mother's day gift, Lincoln only got up once in the night and slept in until 7:30!!!! Thank you baby!!! I LOVED MY GIFT. :)