Feb 4, 2013

and then I got sick...

I will officially say I'm feeling the pregnancy. I also officially believe I'm pregnant; where as before I had my doubts. I have 7 weeks to go and I'm not sure this baby has any more real estate to grow in. But I guess it's possible. I've been feeling all peachy up until the start of my 32 weeks when BAM! I got hit with some respiratory deal that was being passed around at work. Even working as an O.R. nurse, wearing a mask all day and washing my hands a gazillion times, doesn't exempt me from catching a bug. You would think so right? My body is like a computer chip and that bug was a tiny grain of sand that knocked out my whole hard drive. Not cool. And hacking all day and night with a pregnant belly-- I was coming undone at the seams! I'm sure my outie belly button became even more of an outie with every cough.

Either way. It's the start of a new week and week 33 of the pregnancy, I'm no longer sick. YIPPEE!!! Baby and I rejoiced today by getting off work early and having lunch together, just the two of us at a nice little restaurant by our new home.

New development: Ok baby. This development happened a few weeks ago but you've really developed this hobby lately of trying to break out of mommy's stomach. You'll SHOVE your leg out the side till it starts poking out.... which really freaked me out at first but now I lovingly push it back in and with a smirk on my face say, "Not yet my dear, you stay in there!" :) You can keep doing it though; your dad and I like to see those limbs moving around. Get all that energy out now so you'll be a little more calm once you're here.