Nov 13, 2012

half way milestone

There's a lot of new developments and here I am playing catch-up on my day off of work. Woke up this morning at 5:30, so much for sleeping in, and I'm in my robe watching the news and eating my homemade banana oat muffin--- which needs some work. Once the recipe is perfected I'll share. :)
We had our last ultrasound last week and all is well with baby boy. We saw everything in detail-- and I asked the doctor to count all his toes and just to confirm, he has 10 toes. A small mother's concern relieved. And finally... the moment I've been waiting for since that positive pregnancy test.....
Our boy is kicking like a mad-man! Last night we were laying in bed talking and I happened to have my hands on the right spot to feel him kick! We thought singing would make him kick again and it sure did. Probably him wanting me to shut-up but regardless, it worked. And out of impulse, I grabbed Ryan's hand and we just stared at each other wide-eyed until he says, "I felt him too!" We're all smiles. What a stellar feeling.