Nov 13, 2012

13.1 miles and 21 weeks

Ever make a commitment to something because at the time the idea sounded awesome!..... but the feeling quickly died as the date got closer? Plus, other people knowing about this commitment makes backing out very difficult. Yeah, that happens to me all the time. But everytime it turns out perfectly and I'm so grateful I stuck to it. Well, before I got pregnant, my biff and I decided to sign up for a half marathon. Once our baby blessing came along, she gave me a way out saying I didn't need to do it which was very tempting to use as an excuse, but nope.... the commitment was made and I was sticking to it.

I ran a half in March and have been running ever since. I've read and talked to many people (especially the doctor) about running while pregnant and I came to my own conclusion that as long as I 1.) wasn't picking up running for the first time----which I wasn't and 2.) didn't push myself--- ha, I didn't even push myself before I was pregnant, that running throughout my pregnancy would be very helpful and I must say, running has been in more than one way.

To this past weekend now, I decided to run the half at 21 weeks pregnant. The run went surprisingly well, even though I had to pee the first 1/2 mile. I thought, even with my slow paced jog, that I would never come in last, but I was pretty dang close. There was even a point where this crazy speed walker passed my slow jaunt. Ouch, shot to my pride. But there's a saying runners refer to which helped ease that pain-- "It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit." --Sheehan.
Anyway, it was one of my favorite runs I've done and I had my mom running beside me. This was our boy's first 1/2 marathon and all he had to do was relax while mommy did all the work.