Sep 9, 2012

happy and awkward times

Happy 4 years and almost 2 weeks to this blissful marriage....which happens to be our last wedding anniversary without kids. This time next year we'll have a little Shideler crawling around the house naked and giving us new reasons to be up late at night and tired in the morning. Haha.

Speaking of the pregnancy, is it just me or is it an awkward time when the belly is just beginning to show a little bump. Not enough to say, "Oh, she must be pregnant" but enough to look like "I think she's putting on some weight." That's the stage I'm at. And now when I'm around people who know I'm pregnant, I can't help but laugh when they ask me, "Do you think you're showing yet?" Almost as if they want to hear my admit it first before they say anything about the stomach bulge. Ok people! I'll come out and say it, "I'm starting to show." No more beating around the bush. :)