Jul 17, 2012

airing out dirty laundry

house wife 50's
I remember when Ryan had gone camping one weekend last year. Before leaving town, I specifically told him, "CALL ME WHEN YOU'RE GETTING BACK INTO TOWN!" I was very specific and I made sure to mention it to him several times before he left. I was hoping he would think my request was because I'd miss him and wanted to be home when he got back.... which there is truth to that. But most of the truth is, I wanted to make sure our apartment was picked up. I can be a bit of a slob and if the hubby is out of town, there is no way I'm going to be cleaning up while he's gone.

How does this story end? Monday morning, bright and early, a few hours before he was supposed to get home, he SURPRISED me and showed up without a phone call. He thought he was being sweet by surprising me with an early arrival, but the surprise was not wanted. The place was TRASHED! And I mean, so trashed that I was actually embarrassed. Cereal and junk food all over the counters, dishes piled up, clothes all over the floor; I had just woken up and my eyes were blood shot red and my hair was a bird's nest.

From that time forward, Ryan learned something about me. I'm a MAJOR SLOB up until 10 minutes before he gets home. So today, now that I'm home from work, I should be picking up. Instead, I'm sitting in our recliner, my bowl of Life cereal on the armrest, blogging, and staring at the piles of clean clothes over our living room floor that need to be folded and put away. Luckily, Ryan has gotten in the habit of letting me know when he's leaving work; my que to start cleaning. :) Muah haha. I can have my dirty secrets right? Please tell me I'm not alone on this.