Jul 13, 2012


Friday the 13th
I'm not a very superstitous person, especially when it comes to friday the 13th. But today, the superstition set in. I went in to work this morning and SURPRISE! I was off orientation and on my own without warning. I have nursing experience and don't need much orienting to my new hospital, but still, give me some heads up why don't ya.
That was only the beginning...

my first case, on my first day off orientation, I had someone from quality control sit in on the case to observe us all. this rarely happens but of course it happened to me. These people stand in the corner with their clipboard, staring you down, and give you the evil eye as they ding you a point every chance they get. She said I did well when she left. Hopefully she wouldn't lie to my face. I'll find out how honest she was in a few weeks.

Ok, quality control is gone. Things should be better right? Wrong. Second case of the day, i have someone from INFECTION control come and say they are sitting in on this case. WHAT THE HECK??? TWO OF THESE PEOPLE IN ONE DAY??? Is this my painful initiation to the operating room? Bring it on!!!!!

Let's just say the curse broke at 3pm when I clocked out and ran out to my car to drive away-- not before grabbing a free cookie from the lounge though. ha. There's something about leaving work on a friday knowing you have a short few days of freedom. I have a big smile on my face right now just thinking about it. :) :) :) :)

Hope you have a grrrreat friday the 13th and a happy joyful weekend of no work.