May 9, 2012

San Diego

Ryan was in California last week for work training so I drove out to meet him for a nice long weekend of relaxation. We had a great time because what did we do the whole time there? We brought a beach blanket, snacks, drinks, and sunblock to the beach and just layed with our toes in the sand talking, talking, talking. This was our routine for the 3 day weekend we had together and it was perfect. :)

We tried to break out of the routine and go downtown for the Cinco de Mayo festival, but when we got there (and for being two non-drinkers) we decided we'd rather just go back to the beach and relax more. We laughed at ourselves because we are such home-bodies!! There we were at some packed festival with loud music, dancing, drinking, food, and what did we want to do???? Leave and go have some peace and quiet on the beach. We know what we like and we'll just stick to that.