May 23, 2012

Battered bruised and i have the evidence!

This is my third week with crossfit. I'm loving these classes because crossfit pushes me and accomplishing these workouts are super duper rewarding. I never thought I would picking up a barbell and doing clean and jerks, back squats, kettle ball swings, double unders, dead lifts....well, you catch my drift and yeah, i'm throwing some CrossFit lingo at you. You really need to try it! Now! Do it!

Yesterday when i threw my purse over my shoulder I had some pain on my shoulder. Turns out, as you can see by the evidence, the barbell has caused some bruising on both shoulders and collar bones.  

At first I thought, "What the heck is this class doing to me?" But then when I answered that question seriously, the answer was "it's making me do something I never thought I could" and that is an excellent feeling my friends. And now I look at these bruises as war paint. :) No pain, No gain.