May 22, 2012

Andrea my dear

 Happy Birthday to this girl here. Not me, the one on the left silly. My dear friend Andrea who I met back in the early years of high school. We talked about how old we are.... being graduated from high school for 6 years now. Sheesh! Both of our little brothers are graduating this Thursday too so DOUBLE whammy. We really are getting old.
Anyway, she's the best and I'm glad I get to be her friend. I sent her a text this morning at 630 and apparently she couldn't fall back asleep. Oops. Oh well, more time for her to celeberate HER DAY!!!!!
Dinner at Postinos. (Wish I would have started this whole Paleo thing AFTER her birthday dinner. But it's ok.) My dinner was still delicious and filling. Turkey breast with tomato and spinach. Chicken and cranberry salad. Dressings on the side because more than likely they aren't "paleo approved" :)  See? It's possible to eat out on Paleo. :)