Mar 9, 2012

Wind Cave Hike

Wind Cave Trail- Mesa, AZ. 3 things I want to share that i loved about our hike.
First picture
- the whole "<Phoenix" painted on the mountain, loved it. Would I necessarily agree nothing is greater than Phoenix? I can think of a few other places, but Phoenix gets some points for their creativity.
Kissing picture
- Ryan's 6'6 and i'm 5'6 (ok 5'5 but let me round up will ya?) and when Ryan gives me a kiss he has to maneuver down to my size by either hunching over or standing with his legs far apart. I liked this picture because it sums up our size-- Ryan hunching over and me on my tippie toes. :)
And the third thing- is the sunset in general. Pictures are never what you see in person and there's something about being really high and overlooking your surroundings. Lately, I've found my self appreciating the beauty around me and there's definitely beauty here in this brown desert state. I love it.

Oh I just thought of one more thing I liked about these pictures-- our matching green shirts. I swear it was unplanned but it's like a coordinated photo shoot-- green shirts with the sonoran background...Ok maybe I should say I loved it all. :)