Mar 7, 2012

Mesa LDS temple

Ryan had to work last Saturday. Should be down right illegal-- taking a precious day from the two you have off from the "real-working-world" and into the "reckless-adolescent-partying-days or straight-up junk-food-induced-coma" if that's what we so well choose. I am trying to see the good in all things so I would have to say I'm grateful he got off early while the rest of the crew was there till 7pm. The end of a big project requires a lot of overtime to wrap things up, but they can get someone else besides my husband!
We did have a productive day though beginning at 1pm. (Even if he had the day off we probably wouldn't have been up and ready by 1pm but that's completely irrelevant to my story). Saturday was Mesa day and we were able to go to the Mesa L.D.S. temple. A recent friend of ours from Hawaii was baptized last week. She called me yesterday to tell me how things were going which led to both of us crying on the phone-- tears of happiness of course. I wasn't there with her, but I could feel the love and Spirit glowing from her and hear her smilingly as she talked. She's felt a burden lifted from her and knows her life has purpose and direction. What a comfort it is to know there is a God and He loves us. She talked about how happy she was and how her life, even in her later years, has never been better than now. We're so happy for you Diane! We love you!