Mar 31, 2012

web site finds

I can now say I have officially cut back on Pinterest. I do go on occassionally, but pinning became so time consuming for me I had to go cold turkey for awhile. I can say in Pinterest's defense the idea of owning a home has become a lot more appealing and I'm more prepared now than I was pre-Pinterest. I think I've planned more for what I want our future home to look like than I did my own wedding, seriously. Is that weird?
Anyway, I thought I'd share this site because friends share things they like with other friends. I found a web site that let's you create and decorate a room digitally. You can upload furniture from other sites or use items in their library. You can decorate the layout of a room before you start your project to see how it will turn out using color swatches, different fabrics, flooring, lamps, pictures, furniture, rugs etc. You get the picture right? If you use the items in their library and want to buy the item, you can follow the link to the store and purchase it as well. As soon as we land ourselves a home, this is what I'll use. Thank you olio. :)

KitchenPCOk, another site i've come across is for cooking and meal planning. Let's just say, this is ideal for someone like me who needs help planning meals using food already in the pantry and fridge. We're all born with special talents. Some people have the talent to whip up some deliciousness from random pantry items.... i for one don't have such talent. This site allows you to type in what you have in your pantry and they'll create meals based of those items. Ka-ching!!! I hit the lottery with this one... unlike the mega millions. We were so sure we had the winning ticket. Doh! Oh well. I guess my dreams of hiring a personal chef went out the window so this site will still be used by this wife. :)