Feb 7, 2012


What a gorgeous gorgeous city. Sedona, Arizona. Ryan and I went with my parents for the weekend. My mom ran the Sedona run, ran the 10k, and kicked butt! 7th in her division. She rocked.

2 things I've been grateful for this weekend:

1. God's creations. There's something about the world around us and how beautiful it is. Sedona reminded me of Moab with the red rocks and blue skies but still unique in its very own way. It's breath taking. We took a beautiful drive and walked around Slide Rock. It's amazing to see this world and all it has to offer. Very humbling.

2. My mother. She has become a running machine and she's been such an example of taking care of our bodies and exercising. I've seen her dedication pay off and I'm grateful to see her accomplishing all that she does.