Feb 8, 2012

help for dressing your man

my hubby is a t-shirt and jeans guy. he's in construction management so wearing dress clothes is unrealistic and unsafe for the clothes itself. After discovering this site, i might make him dress-up more on the weekends.

Introducing Trunk Club.....Hand-selected outfits shipped to your stinkin door people!!! this is beyond the coolest thing ever and if your hubby has got some style, or needs some style, this is the way to go. I thought this was such a good idea i had to share. (*this site is for guys only, sorry ladies.)

Go to Trunk Club and tell them what you're looking for. They have experts who will HAND-PICK outfits, put them in a "trunk" and ship them to you. He decides what he wants and what he doesn't, and then ship back what you don't want. They charge you for what you keep. :) I would be more excited if they had this for women. If you find it, tell me!