Jan 4, 2012

Musical Instrument Museum

There's something about museums that make you feel so grown up and cultured isn't there? The other week we went to the Phoenix Art Museum and for another family night out, we went the Musical Instrument Museum. They had different instruments from all over the world! I have to say, the United States section was pretty dang bare compared to other countries. I know this country is a melting pot and a combination of all other cultures but I wish we had more to offer than hip hop and rock. Let's just say the U.S. had a d.j. turn table and fender guitars. A little funny right?
I also have to confess, after seeing and hearing all the instruments, I've decided to brush up on my piano this year. I saw a piano that would be super fun to play on. When we finally have a home, I will buy a piano and paint it just like this.